January 2020 Update


Our last group reflection was a wonderful evening of reflection and fellowship.  We discussed what groups need our community the most and who we as a group need.  We also reflected on how our community can help ease loneliness and build friendships.  Finally, we reflected on what we can do to provide a living environment for long term commitment to each other.  

Our board has met to continue planning next steps and awaits an update from L’Arche USA on our status with them. We have passed through a regional process of approval, but are still awaiting work from the national board.  In the meantime, we now have the Michiana Special Friends Community website live! Though it’s very basic, we’ll continue to expand the site.  It also offers us a means to set up one time or recurring online donations to our community.

This year, we will continue discussing the format of our community and work towards a strategic plan we can share publicly.