January 2021 Update


We have completed six community reflection sessions as part of our L’Arche USA requirement of discernment. After submitting our reports, L’Arche USA invited us to move into the “exploration stage” of formation. We are now officially “Friends of L’Arche,” giving us access to a number of resources from the national community, including webinars, community gatherings, and networking opportunities.  The next step in L’Arche formation is called the “project stage.” At this point, we would officially be able to use the L’Arche name, and would be assigned a mentor community from the federation to assist us in our growth. In order to attain project status, we are required to complete some further reflections, as well as completing a strategic plan and business case. We are hard at work on these requirements, and will provide further updates very soon! 

In order to help move us along in the process, we have met with L’Arche leaders in seven communities around the country to learn about their successes, challenges, and day-to-day operations. The communities in Boston, North Carolina, Chicago, Long Island, Atlanta, Saint Louis, and Erie, PA have been gracious in answering our questions and helping us identify our priorities. We have also met with the Indiana Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services (BDDS) and received enthusiastic encouragement from them.  We will now be in continuous communication with this state office.